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Thank you!

Hi everyone!

2021 Has started and I hope it will be a much better year than the one we will not speak about any more!
At the start of the plague here in Europe in March I've seen a very big spike in new registrations. I'm very happy with that because that means that many people have taken the time to either get their Honda back on the road or give it a proper service.

New registrations:

registrations cropped

E-mails answered: 246

It's been a super busy year, but I've managed to answer or process all emails this year. Questions varied from support request, technical questions, VIN lookups and uploads.


Screenshot 2020 12 20 Blacklight The Markup

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I take your privacy seriously. A nice example are these two tests:


This website has been targeted many times by spammers and bots that tried to gain access to your user data. I'm still fighting hard with various tools to keep your data safe!


Thank you very much for all your kind donations! All your donations made it possible to pay for another year of hosting and license fees! There will be a fresh and new donation drive for 2021 and I hope you'll be so kind again to help me keep the website up and running.

Please consider a small donation if my library has helped you. Your donation also makes it possible to help people that are not capable of making a donation but are in need of a manual to keep their transportation in working order. You're actually helping others as well! Thank you for that!

Let's make 2021 an awesome year. Let's care for each other!
And I wish you safe travels on your Honda!

Look at this beauty!

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Toronto Buejay found this amazing little bike locally, had to buy it and is totally in love with it! It looks really good and hope to receive more photos! :D

Old tyres are charming

This is an old, early 60's 19" Vredestein tyre that I am about to remove from the rim because I need a replacement. Handy to have things in stock! :)









What's up with the PC50?

It's still not running well. Strobed the breaker points to the perfect position, carb is ultra clean now. But there is a very slight whislte going on. So I really really hate doing this, but the head needs to come off and have its gasket replaced.

This engine has not ever been tinkered with. But nothing lasts forever. More news soon.