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How to identify Honda wire colors

Here's a handy chart you can use to sharpen your familiarity with Honda wiring diagrams. It breaks down the color-codes used with most of our bikes (the one exception is described in a footnote) and even tells you where each wire begins and ends.

The August Full Cycle release, "How to Read Honda Wiring Diagrams", will refer you to this chart so please keep it around as d reference. Copies won't be included with the program, but you can order extras (it's form S1149) using the Dealer Promotional Order Form.

Black* a. Switched Hot
b. Switched Hot
c. Switched Hot
d. Battery Voltage Sense Lead
a. Ignition Switch
b. Ignition Switch
c. Ignition Switch
d. Ignition Switch
a. Fuses
b. Handlebar Switch
c. Starter Switch
d. Voltage Regulator
Black / Brown Fused Hot: Neutral Light
                Oil Light
Fuse Box Neutral Light
Oil Light
Black / Red Fused Hot (Headlight) Fuse Box Starter Switch
Black / White Ignition System Hot Ignition Handlebar Switch Coils and T.P.I. Box
Blue / White Switched Hot Starter Switch Dimmer Switch
Brown Taillight Brown / White (Ignition Switch) Brown
Brown / Black Fused Hot: Running Lights
                Meter Lights
Fuse Box Brown / White Lead
Brown / White Running Lights
Meter Lights
Brown / White
Brown / White
Brown / White
Turn Signal Switch
Ignition Switch
Green Ground Load Ground
Green / Red Starter Safety Circuit Starter Relay to Diode to Clutch Switch
Green / Yellow Brake Light Switch Lamp
Grey Hot Turn Signal Meter Relay Turn Signal Switch
Light Green Horn Circuit Horn Horn Switch
Light Green / Red Neutral Circuit Bulb Neutral Switch
Orange and Light blue Switched Hot: Turn Signal Turn Signal Switch Turn Signal Bulb
Orange / White and
Light Blue / White
Front Running Lights Turn Signal Switch Brown
Red* Hot Battery Ignition Switch
Red / White Charging Lead Rectifier Battery
Switched Hot: Lo
Switched Hot: Hi
Dimmer Switch Headlight
White / Green Fused Hot: Turn Signal
                Brake Light
Fuse Box
Fuse Box
Fuse Box
Turn Signal Relay
Brake Light Switches
Yellow Charging System Stator Rectifier
Yellow and Blue Ignition System Coil T.P.I. Box
Yellow / Red Starter Circuit Starter Switch Starter Relay

*For smaller motorcycles with one fuse
Red: from battery to ignition switch; Black: from ignition switch to individual circuits.

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#3 83Marcolino 2023-05-23 22:46
83 CB 650 nighthawk new battery new relay and still does not start. Keeps clicking. To be said. I jump-started with a car while on. I know! Big mistake. Any Advise?
#2 Jpilot1 2020-07-28 20:23
My 1980 cb125 N single, has a few plain white wires.
7 wires exited the original lighting switch unit on right hand of handlebar as it had a kill switch.
Now I bought a replacement that has no kill switch but only 6 wires and bike won't start, no lights, fuse and battery are good.
What do I do now? Thanks.
#1 michelroc 2019-05-21 17:09
Honda ct110 , 1982 J'ai un problème de clignotants que je ne réussi pas à régler , lorsque je clignote la lumière arrière clignote en même temps , batterie neuve , j'ai vérifier le câblage tout semble correct , avez vous une idée du problème . Merci

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