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ACERBIS manufacturer has a horrible product support

A little while ago my partner decided to buy a new helmet. My old helmet works fine for moped riding, but it's not good enough for the higher speeds of a motorcycle. Having not the biggest budget, the choice went for Acerbis. A nice looking helmet with a fold-up chin part. The Acerbis Sulby also comes with a handy flip-down sun visor so all in all this was the helmet we decided to buy.

acerbis sulby flip up 002

In a nutshell, it is indeed a decent helmet for its price. It has a close fit and is suitable for ear pieces. Outside and wind noise is also properly reduced. The only downside I noticed was the lack of proper ventilation. Admittingly, it was a very humid day when I noticed this and perhaps my speed was just too low to create a proper air flow.

So what's going on? I borrowed the helmet to get a good feel of it too and since the chin part can be flipped up, I have used that to get some air while fueling up and to have a quick bite on my way home. Nothing unusual, that is what it is made for. When I arrived home, I flipped the chin part up and unhooked the chin strap. When I put the helmet on the table, suddenly the hinge came loose. Sweet jebus what?!

acerbis fail 01

acerbis fail 02

At closer inspection, the bolt that held the hinge in got unscrewed and eventually let go.

Since the side covers feel a bit flimsy and I did not want to ruin the helmet, I decided to write to Acerbis Italy which is the European headquarter of Acerbis asking if they can tell me how to get the covers off andalso notified them about this failure. This was on March 3rd. They finally decided to reply on the 19th. That is 16 days later! My god, if you stand behind your product, you reply within a day or two... So instead of answering my question, they only asked for the photos.

No appologies for the inconvenience. No. Just ignore the fact that this helmet basically falls apart and ask for photos. Anyway, I provided them photos 4 days ago and heard nothing since. Needless to say, I'm pretty disappointed with this brand.

When I hear something from them, I shall post it, but frankly I do not expect much.

Note: this article dates from March 2014 and no we have not heard from them since. So screw you, Acerbis.

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