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About is a website dedicated to the preservation of Honda Motorcycle's legacy. The objective is to collect data from the internet, books, newspapers and other sources which in turn is going to be published to the public.

A part of the budget is being used to acquire books to publish the (technical) data in them. Also, newspaper and magazine clippings are purchased and collected from (online) archives. After digitising the material, it will be sold off again to pay for other books, etc.

Video and Photos
We try to store and preserve as much media as possible. The preservation is done by mirroring digital media on the internet and by purchasing VHS tapes and DVDs.

Personal and old websites are being mirrored every so often to preserve the data in case the site disappears. Only after a site disappears or is being abandoned, the data is merged into the library of

Who's behind
The founder of is P.B. van Geelen (Peter). The website is maintained by 3XN, which is also owned by Peter, but with the helpful assistance of volunteers.

This website is not funded by advertising banners or tracking cookies. The founder thinks there is no need to pester the visitor with (potentially dangerous) banners or use their data for commercial purposes. You can read the policy here. The budget required for this website is provided by the founder and donating visitors. You can see here how the donations are spent. 

The only way for a company to advertise here is by submitting an advertorial which will be screened for its content first. If the content is approved, the advertorial will be published.

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A bit of history
Many moons ago, a small group was formed named HDH which stood for Honda Divisie Hilversum. It had a few members and had a small website. The internet was expanding, and it decided that the availability of information of 4-stroke Honda mopeds should become better. There was too much inadequate and scattered information scattered around, and this needed to be changed. 
Due to a past of amateur radio, the name Race-Eend was adopted in the domain name, resulting in This would become the home of many websites, among the early stage of That website came alive in 2003. It quickly became well known and was visited by people all over the world, mainly due to the significant amount of available documentation.

As for so many things, life goes on personal life became a higher priority than maintaining the website which resulted in an outdated and partly broken website. This went on until 2010. It was hard to see that all the work was going to waste, and it was decided to revive the site by gradually updating the software. The domain name got changed to, and it underwent a few visual changes. The core of the website got upgraded and improved.

A rather unexpected outcome of a simple upgrade then crippled the entire website, and that became a pretty black page in its long history. On top of it all, it was discovered that the latest backup was broken as well. It was seen as a clear signal to start from scratch with new software, a new host and a significant number of safety measures. It then took a little over a year to manually transfer all the data from the broken website over to the new.

The result is something the founder and his volunteers are proud of. A clean looking website that has data added to on an almost daily basis, free of annoying banners and free for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

PB van Geelen, 2016
You can visit Peter's personal Google+ Account 


Currently, stores many gigabytes of data on this server which you can download for free. Next to this, our spider bot has downloaded more than 25Gb so far which still needs processing. If you would like to share your digital documents with us, please upload it here. If you would like to share your paper documents, please contact us. Magical Spider Bot (TM)

 spiderbot diagram

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