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Motorcycle Hand Signals

When you have been riding your motorbike in a group, you should know all bout the hand signals. Hand signals improve the safety of all riders and makes the ride overall more relaxed. So, here's a nice overview of the most used signals used. Wait. What. No. Maybe. What.

hand signals for motorbikes

Help: Archive all the things!

I'm archiving for years already, but I'm just not fast enough.


I need your help. Please send me your list of links of HOMEPAGES.
So the small websites, maintained by a hobbyist. 


Today I had to look something up for a C100T owner and a Japanese website that was already in was very incomplete and broken. THIS IS LOST INFORMATION. AND I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS.

Please, send me your bookmarks/links/lists/anything.



Last weekend of my vacation

photo 2018 10 05 21 26 40

This photo is taken a few days ago, at "Number 1" and today was a good day to go out for a spin. So I decided to test the bike on the Autobahn in Germany. I have not been on the Autobahn before on a motorbike, so this was pretty neat. No speed limit, just open the throttle and go-go-go.

Of course this is an old bastard, so I didnt go faster than 95-100 mph (150-160kmh) and frankly, I'm way too chicken to go any faster. So around Hamminkeln I decided it was time to turn around. Fuel was getting low and while it's really fun to drive fast, one also drives really fast away from home. It's amazing how slow "normal" traffic goes when I crossed the Dutch border. It's very boring, I can tell you.

Anyway, the weekend will be filled with steam engines. I will visit the Nederlands Stoommachine Museum to breathe in the scent of hot grease and steel. And maybe, just maybe, I can find a volunteer's position here on the 28th. Help me hope that it will come through. It's an hour drive towards the museum, but I think it's a really neat place.

I'll resume answering your emails from monday on again! <3

One Honda PC800, one LED bulb

Recently I fitted one of my PC800's with an LED headlight bulb. It's really fantastic. And for sale right here. So now it was time to fit the other one with one as well so that my riding partner also has the joy of seeing things more than half a mile away.

Since that other bike has been maintained by someone with a lesser grasp on how fragile plastic is and that it is really important not to use crappy Chinesium bolts and screws, I decided to make a small tutorial with the other one. This one has had a way better service history and you can notice that in handling but also by the fact that it has mostly all its original bolts, nuts and screws still.

But anyway, let there be light!

Step 1.

Unscrew these three screws and place them somewhere safe. Next, carefully remove the cover. SHould not take too much effort, but this stuff is old and brittle, so be careful.

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 42a

Step 2.

Unplug the connector. Do remember that the middle contact is always on top. Same goes for the seat of the bulb. One pin up, two pins downwards like the Mercedes star. Also, inspect the connector. As you can see, this one suffered a bit.

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 43 2

Step 3.

Pull the rubber cover off by pulling on the tab. Be careful here. Stuff is old. Please note that there is a TOP marking. When you are going to refit the rubber, TOP should point upwards.

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 43 3

Step 4. 

Unhook the clip that holds the bulb in place. This is a bit of a finicky job and this is the easy bit. Trust me, you will growl while trying to fit this clip back in.

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 43a

Place your finger where it says clip and move it according to the blue line. The red line indicates the shape and direction of the clip-finger-putter-onner. \@_@/

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 44a

Step 5.

When you have retrieved the bulb, you're now ready to detach the seat of the LED bulb. This is actually a super handy feature. Simply give it carefully a turn and you can slide it right off.

Take a close look at the seat, it needs to go in with the rim on the outside.

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 44 4

Step 6.

Place the seat of the bulb in the headlight unit, with one pin up and the other two downwards to the side, like a Mercedes star. Also, there is a cutout (indicated in red) that needs to be at the bottom. Can't miss, especially with the help of my super fancy MS Paint skills. 

Tip: You can actually get quite a clear view of what's going on on the inside by looking through the lens. MAKE SURE that the seat is flush and evenly seated.

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 44c

Step 7.


Now we have come to the moment of reseating the clip that holds down the bulb seat. It's probably just me, but I'm always messing around with this and then getting cramps in my legs or hands because of the awkward position you have to assume.

Make sure that both prongs of the clip (it's kinda U-shaped) are properly aligned. Then put your finger on the teardrop-shaped finger-putter-onner and move it according to the green line. The red line indicates how the tear-shaped thingy should be when it's clipped in correctly. Have fun!

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 44a

Step 8.

Now it's time to put the bulb into its seat and that's quite easy. Be careful, it's still a kinda fragile product. When facing the headlight, insert the bulb in the hole of the seat with the wire sticking out on the left, horizontally. Jiggle it a little until it sits well. Now, rotate the whole unit slowly counter-clockwise until it snaps in and does not want to turn any further. Do not force things. It should be a smooth process. Insert the bulb carefully in the hole and slowly turn it. If you have done it correctly, the TOP TWO LED strips should be closest to the lens.

photo 2018 09 20 18 48 44b

Step 9.

Connect the original connector to the connector of the LED bulb. Make sure it sits snug and does not fall out. When you switch on your light, you should see a pyramid shadow in the center bottom when you look straight into the light. You'll live, it's not like you're watching into the sun. If the pyramid is in the top like I had it initially, you will blind oncoming traffic and they will hate you for it. So:

photo 2018 09 20 18 43 45a

I've been driving for many miles now with this bulb and it's awesome and it also keeps working. Quite an important thing for something you buy in China. If you want this bulb as well, go buy a set through the link at the bottom of THIS page. You will then sponsor the website that needs a few bucks for hosting and the purchases of documentation and licenses. Thanks! <3

Honda Z100 in the trunk?

Sure, that'll fit just fine! :D

Also, I'm always confusing the old small models so do correct me if i'm wrong. Meanwhile the finalising of the website move is going well, I have found a good way to make a backup and other little issues have been worked out.

Goldie just notified me that this is actually a Honda Z100. Thank you!!

c78e 3

Picture from the archive of Honda Heaven, published with permission.