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Upcoming maintenance and move

UPDATE: Move has been successful with the great help of HostBRZ where they went the extra mile to help with transferring the giant database. HostBRZ offers fast and affordable hosting and again, the support is awesome.

I'm going to have a Talikser Skye now and will resume working on the website later tonight. Enjoy and thank you for your patience!!

Hey everyone!

I'm getting everything ready to move this website over to another host and this will be simple, yet complicated and it might cause some outages every so often due to DNS changes. I've so far answered all your emails and such so that backlog has been taken care of.

I hope everything will go alright, because when I have pulled this off successfully, I can host this website at a lower cost and thus for a muuuuch longer period. Have a great weekend and don't forget to go out for a ride this weekend!

man koopt band

[NL] Honda Dream 250 advertentie uit 1959

NVHN 30 05 1959 Pag 04

waren reeds direct verkocht, maar ............ wij hebben weer nieuwe voorraad. Kom dit wel zeer exclusief motorwiel eens bezichtigen. 250cc, 2 cilinder Twin, elektr. starter, knipperlichten, berghoorn, loopt geruisloos, snelheid 135 km. Een Japanse droom in werkelijkheid.

Henk Borkhuis - Zuiderdiep 42 - Telefoon 24056

Source: Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, 30 Mei 1959

One of my Honda PC800's passed the 60k miles mark!

I got this bike when it had 53.000 miles on the counter and yesterday it passed 60.000! The exhaust has become quite crusty in the meanwhile, but overall it is doing really well. Over the course of the 7.000 miles it had two oil changes. One because the previous owner used crap oil and the second time because I like to change the oil every 5.000 miles. It's a € 40 investment and it's well worth it.

honda pc800 60000 miles



( Btw, if you happen to think that 60k is not much and your bike has done at least four times as much, good for you ;) )