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The Book of Honda by John Thorpe

the book of honda john thorpe

Purchased and scanned for you. Enjoy!

All the 50 c.c. Honda machines are covered by this book. They are the 50 c.c. Models C100, C102, C110 and C114. In addition it deals with the 125 c.c. Models C92 and CB92, and the 250 c.c. Models C72 and CB72.


"There are double entries in the database!"

I know and it will get woooooorse! But, combining data from so many sources creates a mayhem first and order later. And creating order will be relatively easy since the database is automagically grouping everything that matches together. I'm not going to hack any data in the database tonight* because my wrist hurts.

*) Yes I will. Passion knows no break ;)

Status update!


Instructions paradoxal. This basically depics some VIN data that I am currently processing. But at 762 entries right now and my wrist is totally killing me. Pls halp by sending me any shred of VIN data that you have and I will add it to the database!

9 More pages to go!


577 614 Entries so far and 9 10 (learn to count man D: ) pages of serial numbers to go! After that, I will add all the pages with serial numbers on this website to the database as well and that's that. Another mission checked off my list.