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New batch of decorative Japanese licence plates!

white gallery

The current batch of decorative japanese licence plates is, except for the black one, sold out! But fear not, more is on the way.

These will be priced at 17,50 euro including shipping within The Netherlands. I'm sorry that the price has gone up a bit, but I could not get such a nice deal like I had with the first batch.

More models

I have ordered a few other models as well and I will supply more if there is more demand for that. One model will be a smaller rectangular model and the other model will be specifically for small mopeds and motorbikes. All models will be available for 17,50 euro each, including shipping.

To everyone who already bought a plate, this is your chance to get a second one! Also, I would like to thank you very much, because your purchase supports this website. Purchases and donations are being put in a fund that pays for the hosting and license fees.

Expected delivery

The plates have been ordered today, so I assume they will be here soon. How soon? I cannot tell because that varies from order to order. Let's hope that I'm lucky again this time and have them in a few days.


I will soon add even more license plates in the webshop that you can preorder. You can pick a plate, pay the amount due and when that is complete, your order will be forwarded and sent directly to your home address.

Major maintenance announcement

The current library managing software, DOCman, is causing more and more problems to you as a downloader and to me as an administrator. It was a few years ago my choice to use DOCman because it had a good look and feel to it, had support and the functions that I required at that time. It was also an expensive choice for me. 

After a short support kerfuffle and having to perform a very ugly hack in my database in order to upgrade to the next version, I decided not to extend my licence with them again and will now look for a better alternative. I'm open to suggestions and if you wish to drop a few coins in the jar, please do so here. Any contribution is highly appreciated!

Update: "jdownloads" is not cutting the cake as well, unfortunately. After setting things up with a complicated point system, it blanked out the website. This was literally a day wasted, and I am currently awaiting news from another developer.

Update: Still awaiting a reply.
Update: Other developer's software does not offer the function that I need. Pity. Also, people seem to be able to download their files normally again, so I hope it was a mere fluke. New posts will follow soon after my flu is over. Thanks! :D

gus backus

Meanwhile, there will be no updates here. Converting all 845 downloads to another system will require time. And lots of it. Thank you for your patience and contact me if a download fails. (send the link with the email pls)

Download issues fixed. I hope.

Alright. It took some surgery to update the library/download software, but so far I managed to do the thing. There might still be files that just refuse to download, but you can just send me a message and I will send you the requested manual.

AND WITH ONE ERROR FIXED, THE NEXT EMERGES. AAAARGH. Time for a drink. Later. This is fixed too. Time for weekend! Bai! :)

Update: Some things cannot be left untouched. So some more haxing and hexing has been done and downloads that previously caused issues are now working.