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Some updates!

Heyo everyone, some updates so I can assure you that there is always activity behind and on this website.

1. Question 1: Will the E-CUB come to The Netherlands/Europe? No. And HondaEU also has no idea when or even if it comes to Europe.

It seems that Honda is again missing the boat again as we say regarding to electrically powered two-wheelers. Many other brands have put scooters, mopeds and motorbikes on the market, but Honda fails to deliver. You know, it just makes me really sad. Not only took it two months to get this answer, but it's a well-known historical fact that Honda here in The Netherlands was still using hand-shift gearboxes on the mopeds while other (German) brands were using foot shift already.

In this regard, I am giving up on Honda and will most likely resort to another (Chinese) brand to have an E-moped. It's a shame, isn't it? *sigh*

2. Question 2: When will I process all the new uploads? As soon as I possibly can. My energy levels are at a record low at the moment and there are many things to do still. I will process your uploads soon. And please know that I am very thankful for your efforts of sending me all the documents!

3. Question 3: AMA, or Ask Me Anything. Please use the comment section for it, thanks! :)

honda c310 setp 1963 p516 1

Library improvements

Hi all! Thanks to the nice people at SmallPDF, I'm able to compress my manuals into a smaller format without much quality loss!


There will always be a non-compressed version available in case a file has become unreadable, but I can only know that if you tell me that something is wrong with the file. Now, I don't expect any issues since random tests prove all well readable.

So why compressing? Well, it's nice for you and me to have smaller files. You get your file(s) quicker and I have more space to add more manuals etc. Everybody wins! :D

I'm going to expand my library range for you!

Because I am literally getting sick and tired of Google not keeping its spam under control I'm going to expand my library range. I will now gather all manuals that I can find on the internet and place them safelty here. As usual, the files will be unlocked and cleaned so you can download a safe copy.


So, will also host 2-stroke material? YES. If I can make the internet a little bit safer by doing this, then so be it. Send me every PDF you have! :D

spam example

Excuse me, but 356.000 results? And it is contains YouTube spam and the Dutch visitors may even spot KIESKOMPAS.NL which used to be a website that helped you making a choice with voting.

spam example2

So um, @arcticmonkeys , you guys should REALLY so something about your website security.

spam example3

Oh yes, looks totally legit!! >_>



New parts lists for Honda CB250 and CB360!

I got a nice parts list sent to me by Chris for the Honda CB250G5, the Honda CB250K5, the Honda CB360 and the Honda CB360G because he was kind enough to scan all the pages of this manual!

Thank you very much and it has been added to the library!

pdf Parts List for Honda CB360 (1974) 3rd Edition (22.88 MB)

pdf Parts List for Honda CB360G (1974) 3rd Edition (22.88 MB)

pdf Parts List for Honda CB250G5 (1974) 3rd Edition (22.88 MB)

pdf Parts List for Honda CB250K5 (1974) 3rd Edition (22.88 MB)

[NL/EN] Honda VINs and Licence Plates

Hi everyone!

I'm not posting much recently, but that's mainly due to the past holidays and me working hard in the background to gather more information for your Honda. I will also update the donations list as well.

Recently I got the opportunity to tap into yet another source that may help you determine in which year your Honda is built. This said, there are a few ifs and buts about this data:

  1. It's from a DUTCH database
  2. The years are based on the REGISTRATION date, not the production date
  3. The registration in The Netherlands is iffy sometimes. So a C100 can be registered in 2007. All unreliable data will not be added to my database.

So, the data that I will enter will only be usable as REFERENCE data.

More soon!

honda vin database