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Stuff to do!

Oh man, there's still a lot to do. I will add more wiring schematics to the library, will try to create some order in the menu and one of my bikes needs some urgent maintenance.

Wiring schematics: 30 are ready for adding, another 40 need to be checked and named and then there's another handful of miscellaneous schematics. Interesting ones that show the PCB layout and schematics of CDIs in case you want to build one yourself.

Menu order: The current menu is a bit of a mess and items have been added on over the years. So for example, there will be a separate Contact item where you can choose the right form right away. Both for you and for me less confusing.

Bike maintenance: I literally just installed new for gaskets in bike 1 and now bike 2 starts to leak. Both also need new brake pads, bike 2 needs more GunGum(TM) and there is a jingly noise that I need to investigate. I will make a how-to article about the things that I will do so it might help you at some point!

Edit: jeez, I must be quite tired because the amount of corrected typos is staggering

pc800 fork leak 16

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