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Financial Declaration

Per January 1st, 2015, we will provide an overview of our finances. This way you can see how your donations have been spent. Secondly, you can also have some insight into the costs of running a website.



Transport 2017: € 128,70

Donations: € 131,00
Ultrasonic Cleaning Service: € 0,00
Misc. Part Sales: € 0,00
Total income: € 131,00

Hosting - Webhosting: € TBT
Hosting - Domain name: € TBT
Hosting - CDN @ € TBT
Books and documentation: € 19,50
Software fees: € 0,00
Total spending: € 19,50

Balance: € 240,20

Note: I recieve donations in various currencies, so there is a bit of a deviation in the actual amount. But for the sake of simplicity, I just add numbers instead of the actual converted amount. You could of course now send me one million nigerian dollars. Though hilarious, I -will- convert that amount back to euros ;-)

If you wish to send a donation to our bank account, please use the following data:
Account holder: PB van Geelen
Account number: NL22 TRIO 0390 4860 43
Please use your (user)name as Payment ID


If you would like to use PayPal, please click the Donate button!

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